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Watch our current short Bible Reflections

'Faith Moments'

To listen to a 'Faith Moment' just click/tap on the appropriate link.


The most recent Faith Moment is at the top of the list 

FM81 -  The Lord Is My Light (31st Dec)

FM80 - Give Him Room (25th Dec)

FM79 - Flash 2 (20th Dec)

FM78- Dare To Be Needy (18th Dec)

FM78 - The Sound Of Voices (13th Dec)

FM77- The Road Less Travelled (11th Dec)

FM76 - The Sound Of Voices (6th Dec)

FM75 - Prepare The Way (4th Dec)

FM74 - Hope Continually (27th Nov)

FM73 - Wheat Bites (22nd Nov)

FM72 - Called To Reign (20th Nov)

FM71 - Getting Serious (15th Nov)

FM70 - Stones (13th Nov)

FM69- The 'I' In The Word Bible (8th Nov)

FM68 - A Royal Priesthood (6th Nov)

FM67 - The Lifeboat At Exmouth (1st Nov)

FM66 - Our Eyes are On You(30th Oct)

FM65 - Weston Supermare Pier (25th Oct)

FM64 - The Sheep Grid (18th Oct)

FM63 - The Kingdom People- Therefore (16th Oct)

FM62 - The Empty Garden Chair (11th Oct)

FM61 - The Kingdom People- Alive (8th Oct)

FM60- The Kingdom People- Free (2nd Oct)

FM59 - Inside out (26th Sept)

FM58 - Back To Basics- Love Again(25th Sept)

FM57 - The Stuff Of Legends (20th Sept)

FM56 - I will wait (10th Sept)

FM55 - Grace upon Grace (4th Sept)

FM54 - Every Blessing (28th August)

FM53 - Freedom (21st Aug)

FM52 - The Joy  Of The Lord (14thAug)

FM51- Walking In The Dark (1st Aug)

FM50 - You Comfort Me (31st July)

FM49 - You Are With Me (24th July)

FM48 - Fear No Evil (17th July)

FM47 - Thinking above The Box (10th July)

FM46 - Tighten Your Belt (6th July)

FM45 - The Straight Way (3rd July)

FM44 -There's a hole in my bucket(28th June)

FM43 - Dangerous Thoughts (26th June)

FM42 - Soles To Newcastle (21st June)

FM41 - The Ocean (19th June)

FM40 - MOT Test (14th June)

FM39 - The River (12th June)

FM38- The Alpine Swift (7th June)

FM37 - Rest For Life (5th June)

FM36 - 56*45*25(24th May)

FM35 - Guide Me (22nd May)

FM34 - Vauxhall Bridge (17th May)

FM33- Wait (15th May)

FM32 - Bus No 10 (10th May)

FM31 - King and Kingdom (8th May)

FM30 - Perfect(1st May)

FM29 -Walk (24th April)

FM28 - Seated (17th April)

FM27 -Stacking Yoghurts (5th April)

FM26 - Looking In (10th April)

FM25 - Coming- The Triumphal Entry (2nd April)

FM24 - Broken Frame (29th March)

FM23 - Clearing- The Triumphal Entry (27th March)

FM22 - Coliseum Sunrise (22nd March)

FM21 - Making Jesus Stop (20th March)

FM20 - Ainsdale Beach (15th March)

FM19 - Celebration (13th March)

FM18 - The Hare (9th March)

FM17 - Thinking of Home (7th March)

FM16 - If (1st March)

FM15 - Getting Lost (27th February)

FM14 - Car Park 5A (22nd February)

FM13 - A New Song (20th February)

FM12 - The Lace Agate Swing (15th February)

FM11 - The Same Power (13th February)

FM10 - Mannequin (8th February)

FM9 - Mendable (6thFebruary)

FM8 - The Sticking Garden Gate (1st February)

FM7 - Follow Him (30th January)

FM6 - Speciality Mango(25th January)

FM5 - Listen To Him (23rd January)

FM4 - Forth Bridge at Sunset (18th January)

FM3 - Jesus (16th January)

FM2 - Ask In Faith (9th Jan)

FM1 - Give Your Cares (2nd Jan)

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