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Christ Church Parbold, built in 1875.


Christ Church Parbold (Douglas Parish Church) was completed and consecrated in 1875, paid for by the generosity of a local woman, Miss Ellen Ann Robinson Morris, in memory of her mother.  It replaced a small 14th century chapel, known as the Douglas Chapel, that stood at the foot of Parbold Hill.  The stone for the church was quarried from Parbold and Longridge, and parts of the church came from the old chapel - the pulpit dates from 1648, for example. 

The original glass installed into the church in 1875 was cathedral glass of light-green tint. The colourful stained glass memorial windows were gifts that were added later.

The first memorial window to be installed was the beautiful five-light window at the east end of the chancel, depicting 'The Ascension'. It was installed in 1909 in memory of the Rev. Henry Powell Owen Smith, who was vicar from 1884 to 1909, a gift from his parishioners and friends. Further commemorative windows were installed until the final one was put in place in 1968. 

There are three lancet windows at the west end of the nave. They depict biblical warriors and were erected as memorials to men killed in action during the First World War.

The central Lancet Window, is of 'St. George'. It was installed in memory of Lt. Charles Herbert Ball, who was killed in action in France on April 3rd, 1918, and was given by his family.

The two stained glass windows depicting ' St. Michael ' and 'Joshua', plus the eye-catching rose window were given to the church by the parishioners in 1920, as a war memorial to those of the parish killed during the First World War.   

The most colourful and modern stained glass window is in the north-west corner of the nave. It was installed in July, 1968 by Albert Jacob Sheldon, in memory of his parents, Jacob and Catherine, and his sisters and brothers.

Between the three lancet windows are two beautiful rectangular plates which originally hung on the walls of the Old Douglas Chapel. They depict the Lord's Prayer and Creed, and the Ten Commandments. 

There are eight bells in the bell tower at Christ Church. Six were hung in 1908 and a further two in 1946.

Because the bells are different weights they produce different notes. This enables Christ Church's bell ringers to produce the lovely cascading sound that you hear at weddings. It also means that our bell ringers can enjoy working the bells to create different tunes and rhythms.

Electric lighting was installed in the church in 1935.  Today we have a sound system, internet connection, screens for showing song words or video clips, and a worship band that leads worship, acting in collaboration with an organist some weeks. It is a privilege to worship in a building with so much history, that has been brought up to date for the needs of a modern church community. 

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