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FM55 - There's a Response (8th Aug)

FM54 - There's Beauty (1stAug)

FM53 - There's A Love (25th July)

FM52 - When The World Closes In (18th July)

FM51 - The Postcard (13th July)

FM50 - Out Of The Mouth Of Babes (11th July)

FM49 - Over The Top (4th July)

FM48 - Fisherman's Friend(29th June)

FM47 - Beyone Our Dreams (27th June)

FM46 - Hope (20th June)

FM45 - Tiger Moth (15th June)

FM44 - A New Way (13h June)

FM43 - New Wine (6th June)

FM42 - Telendos (1st June)

FM41 - Knowing Love (30th May)

FM40 - Findng Grace (23rd May)

FM39 - The Tea Cup Handle (18th May)

FM38 - Receiving Mercy(16th May)

FM37 - More Than Good Enough (9th May)

FM36 - The Banana Wheatabix (4th May)

FM35 - So What Next? (2nd May)

FM34 - Yeomen (27th April)

FM33 - He's Behind You (25th April)

FM32 - Dirty Knees (20th April)

FM31 - A Living Hope (18th April)

FM30 - The Disc Zone (13th April)

FM29 - A Kingdom not of this world (11th April)

FM28 - Our Cow Molly (6th April)

FM27 - Learning to Walk Again (4th April)

FM26 - Runny Honey (30th March)

FM25 - An Even More Glorious Beginning (28th March)

FM24 - Zespri (23rd March)

FM23 - A Glorious End (21st March)

FM22 - Canterbury Bells (16th March)

FM21 - Absolute Forgiveness (14th March)

FM20 - The Rumba Mimosa (9th March)

FM19 - The River (7th March)

FM18 - The Dress Pattern (2nd March)

FM17 - Coming Home- To Reign (28th February)

FM16 - The Barometer (23rd February)

FM15 - Coming Home- To A Marriage

FM14 - Fusion 5 (16th Feb)

FM13- Coming Home- The Father Celebrates (14th Feb)

FM12 - The Lost Hub Cap (9th Feb)

FM11 - Coming Home- The Ring (7th Feb)

FM10 - Bullworker (2nd Feb)

FM9 - Coming Home- The Robe (31st Jan)

FM8 - The Dry Stone Wall(26th Jan)

FM7 - A Spirit Of Power (24th Jan)

FM6 - Parsnips (19th Jan)

FM5 - The Kingdom of God( 17th Jan)

FM4 - Toy Story (12th Jan)

FM3 - Radical Rest (10th Jan)

FM2 - Strength Renewed(5th Jan)

FM1 - Choosing Grace (3rd Jan)